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Modular Partitions & Walls


Partitions, Office Walls & Temporary Walls

If our walls could talk they would tell you that they are fast, easy, affordable, and great looking. They would also tell you that they are removable, changeable, and green.

Whether you use these walls for an office or to divide off the construction site in an airport, they are the perfect solution for virtually any application. They can be custom manufactured with a variety of styles, colors, options and heights to suit almost any application.

If you don't see any pictures of what you're looking for, that does not mean it cannot be done. We can design and build any solution for the most discriminating customer. For fast-installing, inexpensive walls you cannot find a cheaper solution anywhere. If your taste is expensive, we also manufacture one of the most expensive walls in the industry. The choice is yours! Just let us know what you'd like to build because we will always be building our way into your future.

More on Demountable Wall Systems

Enjoy minimal costs and complete functionality with our modular partitions. It is office partitioning at its best. Our highly functional demountable partitions serve as effective office partition walls, warehouse separation walls, classroom partitions, temporary walls, or full-height partitions. Go far up with our tall walls. Add style with our glass partitions.

Modular office partition walls are inexpensive compared to other standard construction methods. It is less expensive to use a full height modular partition than it is to buy a half height workstation. Demountable wall partitions can be moved or reconfigured as your company's change requires. Our Modular walls are panelized into sections to make separating your offices easy. Our partition systems can be fully integrated with electrical and data. Pre-manufactured door panels and window panels make your office partitioning easy.

Why Allied Modular?

Find out why Allied Modular Building Systems should be your number one pick.
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Integra 2" & 4" Systems

Our Integra 2" (200 series) and 4" (400 series) systems are applicable to the many solutions we offer.
Read More about our Integra 200 and 400 series systems...

UL Classified

Nothing beats a UL Classification on a wall system and we have it.
Read More about our Underwriters Laboratories Classification...

V-Tex Color Matching

Our V-Tex Color Matching system is unrivaled. The superior capabilities of the system allows us to match certain powdercoat colors for our frames and walls.
Read More about our V-Tex Color Matching and Powdercoat system...

We are Green!

Allied Modular Building Systems offers the greenest solutions for modular building and wall applications.
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